Production Modules

Production Modules

These are modules that are either currently available or will be available soon.

Dual Analogue VCO

This is a dual voltage controlled oscillator in eurorack format, which is based on Mark Verbose's schematic for the Buchla 258 module but uses components which are still in production. It features both square and sawtooth oscillators, which each can be shaped into a sinewave. Its modulation options are fm, exponential fm, V/oct and the waveshaper can be voltage controlled. There are coarse and fine tune controls for the pitch of each oscillator.


The panel features the latest graphics that will continue to be used on all production modules. The panel dimensions are 128.5 x 80 x 2mm, which is a standard eurorack size. They are finished in anodized silver with black text and a hardened finish.

BES004 Box

This is a variation of the BES 004 but has a single oscillator core whith a switch to select between a square or sawtooth waveform. It has both fm and exponential fm modulation inputs along with v/oct and cv in for the waveshape.


The module is housed in a Hammond type enclosure, similar to a guitar pedal. The unit can be powered via 5v usb so can be used as a portable synth using a mobile phone powerbank.